Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Am I Weird?

Some people just don't get why Home Haunters do what they do for the great All Hallows Eve. Every haunter knows that look you get from the haters out there when that first tombstone goes up or you put more then 2 pumpkins in your front yard. These same people can stare at a house with 100,000 Christmas Lights, and a freaky ass Santa waving for hours, but can't bare the sight of a house with a coffin on the front lawn and a couple body parts here and there. I was told by a neighbor on the first day of my set-up, "I guess someone likes to celebrate DEATH" and as I turned and looked at her face of pure disgust, I said with a smile... "I love it". Then I went back to hanging a dead kicking girl from my tree. It's those kind of people I feel sorry for. To not be able to let go and enjoy Halloween should be a sin. It's not a celebration of death, it's a celebration of life. You never feel more alive then when you are about to shit yourself from a good scare. When you get scared, you go through so many emotions. Take a simple "pop up" scare for instance. Your walking around a gloomy cemetery, checking out the tombstones and skeletons, the rickety fence that tells you to keep out. The lights are flashing and the sound of foot steps and chains are coming from a distance. But just as you go to have a closer look at the twitching rat in a rat trap, a skull pops out from behind a tombstone. You jump back, your heart is racing and scream out in fear. Then as the skull slowly resets to scare someone else. You realize what it was and that it is not real. Your heart slows down and your breathing returns to normal. You begin to laugh and look around to see who else got scared. They are laughing right with you or maybe laughing at you. And then a slight feeling of embarrassment sets in, as your a grown man who just screamed like a little girl  from a Party City foam skull, popping up behind a Styrofoam tombstone. You check to see if you peed yourself and move on. Now if that's celebrating "death", then send me to hell now because that seems funny as shit. I don't do an over the top display for Halloween to worship the devil. I do it for the reaction I get out of people. That scream from a 5 year old kid, to the hand shake from the 50 year old dad who says "this is awesome". That's why I do it, that's why we all do it. (Well.... maybe we also do it because we want the best haunted house around.)  Keep on Haunting guys and girls. We love Halloween and we are not scared to show it....(But is that only because were Weird?)


  1. Effin A Dave- Effin A

  2. I often wonder how many neighbors I bother with my display. I don't care, just wondering. This was a great read.

  3. I live in a mobile home park...and the park manager doesn't beleive in Halloween. Do I stop? Heck NO!!!! I put up a wall so he can't see what I'm doing (and I still put tombstones and skulls in my front yard). I don't try to piss him off...I do it because I have had a lot of people say that it was Awsome!!! They loved how my little girl who was 8 at the time, scared them just by turning her head and asking to play. They loved the 8ft demon who reached through the window and how Alive we made them feel. The first year we had 75 kids go through plus their adult companions. Last year we had over 150 kids plus the adults go through. We live out in the boonies and we expect even more this year. I love it!!! We are not crazy. We just have an awsome hobby!!!!