Sunday, July 3, 2011

Transworld The Dark Zone

The Transworld show has an area that is called The Dark Zone, and as the name says, it's dark. It's where you can get a feel for how the animated props look when there in the light their suppose to be in. As everyone knows, a fake looking prop can look somewhat real in a dark foggy scene and a high quality prop can truly look and "feel" real with the proper lighting. They had some real over the top props there. I really loved the Necromancer made by Scarefactory. It's over 16 ft tall sitting and stands up to about 20 ft. To get an idea on how big this monster of a monster was, he has 3 normal size animated props and a full sized coffin strapped on its back and a full size man thrashes in its hand! Truly a site to see. Nichole loved the levitating bed and the window spectre, also from Scarefactory. These are great for a haunted bed room scene. The one thing that was missing was fast moving, startling animated props. Don't get me wrong, there were a couple good ones, but not as many I would have liked to see. I like insanely fast, thrashing, convulsing, shaking, scare the shit out of you movement. And I don't just mean a Trash Can Trauma or Barrel Popper. I can't wait for next year to see whats new for 2012.

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