Monday, July 4, 2011

Lets get ready to get ready.

With only a couple months till Halloween, I really need to get moving on the new Pandemic Cemetery design for 2011. I know I want a walk through, I already have the 10 by 20 foot tent I bought a little while back. And I could easily fill it will props and animatronics from when I had The Metuchen Slaughter House. But how am I going to bring it all together into one haunt. The Metuchen Slaughter House was set into three shows, with 3 different thyme's. I had the torture room, the incantation room, and the toxic room. Now its all going into Pandemic, a graveyard thyme. I am a full believer in  having a good story line. So I guess I will start there..... When bringing a story to life you have to ask these basic questions.....Were did the haunt come from? Why is it still there? Who or what is the haunt about? Who is the main character? (there should always be a main scarier) and for who is this haunt going to scare? (kids, teenagers, adults, everyone).  Once I get all that together, then I will start building.

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