Sunday, July 3, 2011

National Haunters Convention

This weekend is the National Haunters Convention in Pennsylvania. It's like the Transworld Haunt Expo but not as big and geared not only to professional haunted attractions but to Home Haunters as well. This is going to be our first year going to this convention, but from the YouTube videos I have seen, it looks awesome. Although we will only be able to make the show on Sunday, I would have loved to have gone today. Tonight is the Haunted House Bus Tour that takes guest to 8 Haunted Attractions with a lights on tour and a lights off tour for all 8. Now that's cool !! Anytime you can get a behind the scenes tour of a Haunt with the lights on is a definite must see. But because of time constants there is no way we could do it this year. We will be there all day Sunday and I will make sure to take lots of "good" video to put on the site. I really hope to see some good quality props for the home haunters. Not the cheap plastic and styrofoam shit you find at Party City. Since Halloween has become so big in recent years and more and more people are going bigger with their Home Haunts, the prices have started to come down just a little bit, bringing the pro quality props in reach of the Home Haunters. And I've also seen prices come down for prop making supplies for the do-it-yourselfers out there. Better props at better prices is always a good thing.

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