Sunday, July 3, 2011

Back from the Haunters Convention

I'm finally putting the video up from the National Haunters Convention. I have been so busy lately that its hard to find time to put these videos together. But when you love doing something, you find time... The show was good. I say good, not great, because we just got back from Transworld and that show is just amazing. (Check out our Transworld videos below) Transworld makes all other shows seem small and disappointing. But in all actually, it's not that the Haunters Convention is small, it's just catered more for the home haunter then the pros. Lots of high quality masks and static props to see. A couple "foam" weapon manufactures were there with axes, sledge hammers, giant wrenches and swords. Some smaller animated props and animatronics were lurking around. Lighting, smoke and bubble machines, webbing, creepy cloth, camo netting, smelly scents...... just about any special effects making "thing" was there. But like I said, more for the home haunter, then anyone else. I will definitely be going back next year.

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