Sunday, July 3, 2011

Transworld Interactive Haunted House

I wanted to put up a separate video of the Interactive Haunted House that was inside the Transworld expo. Everything you see in the haunted house was from the venders at the expo. Different companies brought props, animatronics and special effects together to show how their products look in a working haunted house. For something put together pretty quick, the haunt looked really good. Although there were only a few animatronics and just your basic ones at that, the detailing was very good. And something you can not get from watching the video is the disgusting smells throughout the house.(from Froggy's Fog) It really brought you into the scene. Especially in the butcher shop part. It smelled like rotting flesh. Awesome!!! On Friday night the hole Interactive Haunted House was auctioned off. The final bid was $6500.00 for everything inside. Some thought it was a good price but others said it was way to much. I guess some things are just worth more to others. But in the end it was a pretty cool setup.

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