Sunday, July 3, 2011

Well the time has come to start thinking about our home haunt Pandemic Cemetery.

With 6 months till Halloween, its a great time to start planning some of the new improvements. And let me tell you, this is going to be a huge year. ALL the props, animatronics, special effects, and lighting that we had for The Metuchen Slaughter House is now going to join the rest of Pandeimc Cemetery. I just got a 10ft x 20 ft tent that is going to become the new Haunted house. Its not going to be a walk through, more of a "look in". (NJ laws are very strict when it comes to things like that) People will only be able to walk around the cemetery and the look into the haunted house, which I think will work out really good. I'm also working on a new story line. As every true haunter knows, you have to have a back story. A good story breaths life into your haunt. If you don't, all you got is a bunch of meaningless props, scattered around your house, pretending to be scary.

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