Monday, July 11, 2011

Halloween Parties!!!!

This will be the second year for our yard haunt Pandemic Cemetery. As some already know, our haunt used to be an indoor Halloween party / haunt for family and friends called the Metuchen Slaughter House. All though I love doing the new yard haunt that everyone can see, I really miss the parties we used to throw. So to help all the my fellow haunters out there who still throw a Halloween Party, I've put a list together of the best ways to have one kick ass Halloween party.

1) Make sure every room that your guest are going to have access to is fully decorated. Nothing is worse then walking through a haunted library with flying ghost and moving books, and then walking into a floral bathroom with cute towels and Dove Body Wash. Keep your guest in the Halloween mood. 

2) Make sure you have a room that people can get away from “Halloween” for a bit. Yeah, I know that goes against the first rule, but 6-7 hours in death and darkness, or clowns and strobe lights does start to get to everyone. Any room that's not decorated, that  has normal lights and is away from the thunder, body parts and bat droppings is great for people to take a little break and get re-energized if there over loaded.

3) EVERYONE MUST COME IN A COSTUME. It's a Halloween party. The guy in the corner with jeans and a t-shirt on, that thinks he's way to f**king cool for a costume, is a real party killer.

4) Have prizes for a costume contest. You wouldn't think it but those stupid plastic trophy’s from Party City can really get people motivated to get in some over the top costumes. (Make sure to buy one for Sexiest Costume) Also, a couple gift cards are great prizes. I usually went with $25 1st place, $15 2nd place and some party gifts for the runner ups. Like candy bags and severed limbs.

5) Got to have good music. Don't just play Midnight Syndicate all night long. There are tons of great Halloween themed music that goes great for Halloween parties. And I don't care what age group this party is for... You have to have “The Monster Mash”.

6) You can't have a good party without good food. Most Halloween parties start later at night so finger foods are great. The types of foods people can stand and eat are the way to go. Check out what Martha Stuart is making for Halloween that year and do that. And I always have tons of candy in Halloween buckets and witches cauldrons placed all over the house. It is Trick or Treat time after all.

7) Spread the food out. People tend to hang around were the food is at, and if your house is on the small side or your 8 foot Frankenstein is taking up way to much space, put the food at several smaller tables to keep your guests moving around.

8) Alcohol is a Halloween Party favorite. (Well that goes for most parties) But when you have a 60 year old, 6ft 3in, 245 lb guy walking around in a tooth fairy costume, you better have some alcohol around. Have a good variety that both men and women will like. (A keg of beer is not going to cut it)

9) Keep garbage cans in every room. For some reason, when people go to Halloween parties they forget how to throw shit out. I guess it's because, it's dark, the house looks like a torture chamber, and with all the fog, why not throw the candy wrappers on the floor. But extra garbage cans are helpful to save on the dreaded next day clean-up.

10) Have fun!!! As the party host, it's hard to sometimes step back from serving drinks, getting food out, and helping the girl puking and peeing all over herself after drinking to much. But have some fun of your own. Dance, eat, and drink with your family and friends. If you planed it right, the party will take care of itself.

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